High School Football Coach Locks Referees In Locker Room After Losing By Blocking Door With Vending Machine

There are many ways y0u can handle a loss,  you can protest the game, you can scream your lungs off at the refs,  or apparently you can just lock the refs up after the game. A Ohio high school football coach wasn’t happy with the outcome of his team’s game after a controversial call last week, so he locked the refs in their locker room using a vending machine.


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“Keith Dalton and his crew of high school football referees, say they were officiating a game between Grove City High School and Central Crossing High School last Friday, when after the game they suddenly got locked inside the Grove City locker room.

Dalton believes this action was taken against him and his crew for a controversial call made during the game, after which he says an assistant coach for Grove City came onto the field and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Once the game ended, Dalton says he and his crew were inside the locker room being evaluated on their performance, when the door was barricaded from the outside with a vending machine.

Dalton says both the principal and head coach of Grove City High School, issued him an apology. He also says the assistant coach who berated them was suspended for a game.”

The refs have filed charges against the school.

“We as a group have now filed charges, against Grove City,” said Dalton, a high school referee, with the Central Ohio Football Association.

This is one of the funnier stories of ref abuse I’ve ever heard.

At least they didn’t get physical with the refs…

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