Hall of Fame QB Gets Into the Beer Business

Beer me.

Dallas Cowboys NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is ready to take on a new challenge, as he’ll be venturing into the brewing business.

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Aikman revealed that he will be launching EIGHT beer after two years of developing the product along with award-winning brewmaster and beer industry veteran Phil Leinhart.

“There’s over 8,000 breweries across America and the space that we’ve entered is as competitive as any of them. I’ve always been a beer drinker. I love beer. And when I looked at the category, I just felt that it could be better. I thought that what’s available has been on the market for a long time. I think it was time for a newcomer and quite simply, I felt that we could do it better and I think that we have. So that was really the motivation behind getting behind this project,” the three-time Super Bowl winner told Yahoo Finance.

Added Aikman, “There’s a lot of people like me that are very conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies. They work hard during the week, and when it comes time to celebrate, don’t want to compromise all the hard work that they put in throughout the week.”

There’s no doubt Troy will be successful with his beer biz, the guy is a flat out winner.

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