Gilbert Arenas Piles More Disrespect on Kwame Brown Amid Feud

From former teammates to current social media enemies.

Gilbert Arenas and Kwame Brown played on the Washington Wizards a long time ago.

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Brown turned out to be one of the biggest busts in the entire history of the NBA, all while Arenas is highly regarded as a pretty solid players.

Now that they’re both retired from the game, they’re playing an entirely new game. The Game of insults.

Gilbert recently called out Kwame, threatening to release some video. This was in response to numerous comments in which Brown accused Arenas of taking money away from him, getting him benched, and even taking his girl.

Now Gilbert is adding more fuel on his already scorching hot fire.

Arenas says that Brown is simply jealous of his success and that he’s mad that Arenas became the player Kwame was supposed to be.

“I became what you were supposed to be, in Washington,” Arenas said. “I’m not jealous of you. I think we can get that clear now. I’m not jealous of you.”


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Gilbert Arenas is not one to tangle with online.

Kwame needs to find another target because he’s not going to beat Gilbert on or off the court.

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