George Kittle Owns Mike Zimmer Over ‘Cheating’ Allegations

Let the George Kittle-Mike Zimmer beef begin.

Following the Vikings’ disappointing loss to Kittle and the niners on Sunday afternoon, Zimmer had a pretty serious accusations. He thought the Vikings were using a technique of holding every single play to get an edge on Minnesota.

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“These guys hold all the time,” Mike Zimmer said of San Francisco’s defensive backs via Bro Bible. “They’re grabbing us around the waist, grabbing us on our backs. Officials don’t want to call it every play, but until they start calling it every play, they aren’t going to stop doing it.”


When speaking on Mike Zimmer’s claim, George Kittle ripped the head coach – saying his team doesn’t do anything differently than any other team in the NFL.

“I mean, you can watch plenty of pass plays,” Kittle said. “I finally got a holding call out there on a pass route. Got hugged and tackled, and I think (there were) about three of those out there that don’t get called. It’s football. Refs throw flags, refs don’t throw flags, it’s just the game. If you’re going to sit on the sideline and complain about holding the whole time, tell your guys to make better plays.”

It’s hard not to side with George Kittle over Mike Zimmer here.

Watching the game, it was difficult to really see a difference in the way the Vikings and Niners were defending. And even if there was some sort of advantage, blaming the refs after a tough loss always feels like a whiny move.

Mike Zimmer and the Vikings still hold the seventh seed in the NFC, while George Kittle and the Niners are also slated to be a Wild Card team if the season were to end today.

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