Former Ohio State Player Reveals Vile Threat Urban Meyer Made To Him When He Was Only 17

The Urban Meyer horror stories continue to persist.

Even though Urban Meyer is no longer coaching in the NFL, the stories about him continue to come out. Meyer was recently fired by the Jaguars after it was revealed he kicked a plyer.

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Now this story goes back all the way to his college coaching days for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Former Ohio State football player Marcus Williamson spilled the beans this past weekend. He revealed a situation that occurred when he was just 17-years-old.

See below:

“As a 17 early enrollee. Urban Meyer told me he’d “ruin my f—- life” if he ever caught me smoking,” Williamson tweeted.

Twitter reacted to his claims:

Urban will likely get a coaching job once the smoke clears from his latest controversy.

But his time as an NFL coach is most likely over.

College kids will no doubt have to endure his threats down the road.

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