Former NFL Player Won’t Run Again for Congress

Remember former NFL player Anthony Gonzalez? The former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver announced Thursday night that he wouldn’t seek re-election to the United States House of Representatives. Gonzalez has represented Ohio’s 16th District since 2019. Gonzalez pointed to the dysfunction within the Republican Party as a factor in his decision to not seek re-election.

“Given the political realities of the day, I know this news will come as a disappointment to those who have been involved in our efforts,” Gonzalez wrote in his statement. “You have given me and my family tremendous strength and courage in the face of much adversity these past few months and years. Please know that every word has meant the world to me and given me hope that the chaotic political environment that currently infects our country will only be temporary. While my desire to build a fuller family life is at the heart of my decision, it is also true that the current state of our politics, especially many of the toxic dynamics inside our own party, is a significant factor in my decision.”

Gonzalez told The New York Times that his family had to be escorted through the airport after he voted to impeach the former president.

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Mr. Gonzalez said that quality-of-life issues had been paramount in his decision. He recounted an “eye-opening” moment this year: when he and his family were greeted at the Cleveland airport by two uniformed police officers, part of extra security precautions taken after the impeachment vote.

“That’s one of those moments where you say, ‘Is this really what I want for my family when they travel, to have my wife and kids escorted through the airport?’” he said.

And Gonzalez probably thought playing football was hazardous to his health.

Being a politician definitely has its drawbacks.

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