Former NBA Star Announces $175M Cannabis Facility

Former NBA star Chris Webber is getting into the weed business.

The recently enshrined Basketball Hall of Famer broke ground on the Webber Wellness Compound in Detroit this week alongside entrepreneur and business partner Lavetta Willis. According to the Detroit Free Press, Weber’s group is building A $50 million compound that will include a dispensary, training and cultivation facilities and a private lounge to consume the site’s product.

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“The compound is owned by Players Only Holdings, a business co-founded by Webber and entrepreneur Lavetta Willis.

The cultivation will eventually be expanded by 80,000 square feet, representing a $125 million investment. The first phase is set to be completed in March 2022. There’s no timeline on the phase two expansion.”

“This is my biggest priority in life,” Webber said. “I’ve seen who (Willis) and I have helped across the country and the lives that have been disrupted by cannabis. Hopefully, we can do a little bit of repairing. Hopefully, we can help the city.”

Weber told Yahoo Sports’ back in March that he envisions the business as an opportunity for Black citizens to benefit from the booming cannabis industry.

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Michigan in 2018.

“Name one business where Blacks haven’t been left out,” Webber said. … “First and foremost, this is about business and access to individuals who are qualified and giving access to the community that was so unfairly targeted by unfair laws, racist laws.

“Hopefully, there’s a freedom with that. I’ve seen through family, friends, my community — families devastated by the plant that can cause so much healing and restoration. Now that others try to take advantage of it, it’s funny that I’m even questioned on why I would do it when it’s so obvious that in America, this needs to be done.”

Great work by Weber trying to create jobs in his hometown.

Weed is good business these days.

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