Erin Andrews Lashes Out At People Who Took Issue With Her Hugging Aaron Rodgers

NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews was under fire earlier in the season over an interview with Aaron Rodgers.

Due to COVID, Andrews was standing six feet apart from Rodgers. But after the interview, she gave the start QB a hug – kind of defeating the whole purpose of the distancing.

When speaking on the matter, Erin Andrews made it clear that she didn’t see what the big deal was that she hugged Aaron Rodgers.

“I pretty much have hugged Rodgers since I started covering the NFL. He’s been a good friend of mine for the last 15 years,” Andrews said on her podcast ‘Calm Down.’ “It was so funny because the people close to me in my life like my family or other quarterbacks I know or other players are like ‘Why is this a big deal?’

Erin Andrews would go on to say that she hugs plenty of other players following interviews, and that the Aaron Rodgers move only caught headlines because of who he is.

“I gave [Matt] Stafford a hug and I’m friends with him and his wife and no one said anything. Maybe because Aaron is a lightning rod. So stupid. Slow news day,” Andrews said.

I gotta side with Erin Andrews here, it really shouldn’t have been a big deal that she gave Aaron Rodgers a subtle hug.

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