Erin Andrews, Aaron Rodgers Under Fire For Sharing Mask-less Hug

Socially distant interviews are fine, but hugs, well they’re off limits.

Sideline reporter have been conducting socially distanced interviews due to the pandemic, pretty standard protocol. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews followed protocol Saturday night after Green Bay’s narrow win over Cleveland.

Yet, after the interview was over, the two went in for a maskless hug. The moment caught some flak on social media, with some fans and analysts pointing out the contradictory actions.

After the interview concludes, around the 2:40 mark, Rodgers removes his headset. The two then share an embrace.

Watch below:

Social Media went in:

Of course Aaron and Erin are good friends, but definitely not a good look for both parties involved.

On the positive tip, Green Bay’s win puts the franchise in the driver’s seat in the NFC with just two games left on the schedule.

Hugs for all.

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