Eric Bieniemy Leaves The Door Open For A USC Move

Eric Bieniemy might just get a chance to run his own football team. But it’s not where you would have expected prior to the NFL season.

Following the news that USC was firing Clay Helton after a disappointing tenure, Adam Schefter reported that USC might approach Bieniemy with an offer.

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“League sources believe Chiefs’ OC Eric Bieniemy will emerge as a head-coaching candidate for USC,” Schefter said earlier in the week. “Bieniemy is from Southern California and has told confidantes in the past, that USC is one of the only college jobs that might interest him.”

A lot of people’s first thought was: Eric Bieniemy should be given an NFL opportunity.


On Thursday, Eric Bieniemy was asked about the rumors linking him to USC. To no one’s surprise, he gave the typical “coach speak” answer, saying he was focused on the Chiefs right now. But he didn’t exactly shut down the idea, either.

“When it’s all said and down with, I am focused on the task at hand,” he said. I’m not worried about anything where my name is being mentioned. My job right now is to make sure that we’re preparing for this weekend’s opponent.”

After being pressed a little bit more, Eric Bieniemy elaborated.

“I think you guys know me better than that. So if USC reached out to me right now, my answer would be I am preparing for this team to play against the Baltimore Ravens. And that’s how I roll, you guys know that,” Bieniemy said. “I am where my feet are, OK? My job is to make sure we’re ready to play a complete, sound, 60-minute football game where we can come out and win the game.”

Even though Bieniemy didn’t take the reporters’ bait, it’d be hard to imagine that he isn’t interested in the USC job at all.

He’d be in a warm climate, great city, big program, and likely be paid top-dollar.

For now, Eric Bieniemy is content with the Chiefs. But don’t be surprised if the USC rumors continue to pick up steam.

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