Eduardo Rodriguez Apologizes After Mocking Carlos Correa

Eduardo Rodriguez and the Red Sox responded after Carlos Correa hit a game-winning home run for the Astros in Game One.

The Red Sox have won the past two games in convincing fashion. And Game Two included a solid performance from starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez.

After striking out Correa late in the game, Rodriguez went viral when he mocked the Astros shortstop’s celebration where he pointed to his wrist as if to say “this is my time”.

Boston manager Alex Cora was clearly upset with Eduardo Rodriguez getting some retaliation.


After the game was over, Eduardo Rodriguez spoke on why Alex Cora was upset with him mocking Carlos Correa, and why he might have taken the celebration a bit too far.

Carlos Correa was also asked about Eduardo Rodriguez mocking him following the strikeout, and he claimed that he was all for the Red Sox pitcher throwing his celebration right back in his face.

Alex Cora clearly doesn’t want his guys to stoop to the Astros’ level. But I’m all for it, and clearly so is Carlos Correa.

The younger generation is taking to all the flexing and showboating going on between teams in this day-in-age. And with the Red Sox and Astros being on the brightest stage right now, let’s get some smack talking going.

I’m not sure Eduardo Rodriguez needed to be reprimanded on Tuesday night. And I hope the antics continue in the ALCS.

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Comments and Reactions for Eduardo Rodriguez Apologizes After Mocking Carlos Correa

Comments and Reactions for Eduardo Rodriguez Apologizes After Mocking Carlos Correa