Ed Reed Doesn’t Want To See Lamar Jackson End Up Like Cam Newton

Baltimore Ravens legend Ed Reed loves what he’s seeing from quarterback Lamar Jackson. But he’s also pretty uneasy with the reckless abandon Jackson exhibits every time he steps onto a football field.

Specifically, Reed thinks Lamar puts himself in position to get hit too damn much. And the safety knows that could result in a short career for the former MVP.

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“I even give constructive criticism — constructive criticism — to Lamar because I want Lamar to play 20 years like Tom Brady. I don’t want to see Lamar get a catastrophic injury like the running quarterbacks of our past,” Reed said via PFT.


Lamar Jackson On A Cam Newton Trajectory?

Ed Reed would go on to say that if Lamar Jackson doesn’t make drastic changes to his style of play he could wind up like Cam Newton – who has fizzled off in recent years.

“I want him to win a championship before he becomes like Cam Newton,” Reed said of Jackson. “As big as Cam was, those hits affected Cam. Those hits caught up with him. That affects your throwing. A quarterback has to throw the ball. I always said this and I stand on it: Great quarterbacks don’t take hits.”

So far, Lamar Jackson has done a better job than Cam Newton of staying healthy. And he remains one of the most dynamic players in the entire league.

Despite his inconsistency throwing the football, Jackson is simply unstoppable when he’s clicking on all cylinders.

With that being said, Ed Reed has a point. Week in and week out, Lamar Jackson takes brutal hits when trying to extend plays. And one of these day, it might not be so easy for him to get up any more.

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