Eagles Owner Reportedly Giving Green Light to Trade For Deshaun Watson

The Philadelphia Eagles might be looking for another QB following another mediocre start to the season. It was reported earlier in the week, NFL insider Jay Glazer pointed toward a Deshaun Watson trade will be coming sooner than later. One of the spots he named as a potential trade partner was Miami. Now it seems the Eagles are in the mix as well.

According to former NFL Player Chris Simms, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is giving the green light on a Watson trade.

Via Pro Football Talk Podcast:

“Philadelphia is in that mix for Deshaun Watson, that’s a real thing from everything that I know. The owner [Jeffrey Lurie] has given them the green light as far as Howie Roseman and company to go ahead and make that deal if it’s right. So, yeah, what you have to worry about a little – one other inkling, another inkling that told me that they are not sold on Jalen Hurts. They didn’t name Jalen Hurts the starter until like eight days before the first game, or nine days before the first game. That says something to me.”

Clearly the Eagles aren’t sold on Jalen Hurts.

Not sure acquiring a guy who has that much baggage would be a good move. Better to stick with what you know, rather than bringing in a guy like Watson, who may end up eventually getting suspended by the NFL.

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

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