Donovan Mitchell Asked Fan Court Side Fan a Very Strange Question

Sitting court side usually means you’ve got a lot of money, those seats aren’t cheap.

While some of us have never had the opportunity, you can only imagine what these lucky fans get to see sitting so close to the action.

Yes, sitting in the front row is a gift of itself but this NBA fan got a bonus present at the Jazz’s 120 – 116 win over the Mavericks on Saturday. In the middle of the game, Jazz star Donovan Mitchell asked a fan on the sidelines if they could tell him the score of the Lakers game.

Watch below:


Donovan Mitchell asked fans sitting courtside to tell him the score of the Lakers game 😂 #nba #lakers #courtside

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Pretty strange question to ask a fan.

Makes you wonder if Mitchell maybe had some action on the game?

Pretty strange.

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