Donald Trump Jr. Shoots and Misses His Shot at ‘B*tch’ LeBron James

LeBron James was Donald Trump Jr.’s latest target.

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The son of former President Donald Trump, tries his hardest to stay relevant now that his Daddy is out of office. Don Jr. called LeBron a “bitch” on Instagram. And as much as people love to rip LeBron, they really like to slam Don Jr.

LeBron’s fans quickly jumped to his defense.

The skirmish began earlier in the week when James had two fans ejected from their courtside seats at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis during a tense overtime.

Don Jr. took to his social media over the weekend to ask: “Is there a bigger bitch in pro sports than LaSnitch?”

He followed up by uploading an image from an outfit called @grandoldmemes that showed James with “Karen” hair. His caption read, “LaKaren wants to speak to the manager!!!” He also came up with the witticism, “LaFlop James.”

Former NBA star Rex Chapman was among the first to suggest that it might be best for Trump Jr. not to engage with James.

Jemele Hill thinks that if Trump ever met Bron in person, he would ask for an autograph.

More less famous folks came to LeBron’s defense:

Donald Trump Jr. is the Turdiest of all Turds.

I guess that makes him the TOAT? Now that’s one nickname no one is going to debate.

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