Dolphins GM Speaks On Rumor That Team Got Involved In Deshaun Watson Settlement Talks

The Miami Dolphins had been linked to Deshaun Watson up until the Trade Deadline this week.

But when push came to shove, the team decided that the unsolved legal issues surrounding the Texans quarterback were too much for them to take on at this time.

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But when the Dolphins were calling the Texans about Deshaun Watson, it was rumored that the team was working with Watson’s legal team to get the accusers to settle their cases and sign NDA’s.

When speaking on those rumors on Thursday, Dolphins GM Chris Grier was clearly livid.

“My job as general manager is to investigate every avenue on players that may or may not be available,” Grier said, via the Miami Herald. “I don’t think it’s any different from any player on the roster. We’ve done that from Day 1. That’s how every team operates. In terms of what discussions were had and what people asked for,… no trade was made. We decided not to make a deal.”

“If there is player there considered one of the top players in the NFL, you have to look at it and try to go for it. It has nothing to do with not believing in Tua. We’re very happy with Tua.”

It’s clear based on comments from Grier and head coach Brian Flores that the team’s interest in Deshaun Watson is very real.

But given the current stalemate with the 20+ sexual assault lawsuits, it simply didn’t make sense to give a haul for the superstar QB.

Sure, the lawsuits going away would be convenient for the Dolphins and other potential suitors. But at this point in time, it’s probably best for Miami to see if Tua Tagovailoa can take a leap during this year’s remaining games. They’re not going to make a run at the Super Bowl this year, anyways.

I’d expect the rumors of the Dolphins pursuing Deshaun Watson to heat back up during the offseason.

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