Devin Booker Was Not Happy With Raptors Mascot During Free-Throw Attempt

Devin Booker was not having it.

Due to local COVID-19 regulations in Toronto, the Raptors are not allowed to have fans into their arena for home games.

This left their mascot as the only fan who was able to distract Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker during his free throws last night.

Booker was not too pleased about it.

Booker complained to the ref about the mascot, and had the ref move him out of his sight line.

Watch below:

Following the game Booker explained what went down:

“I was just trying to get him out the way. It worked. I’d rather be shooting them w/o him down there. We play shooting games all the time everyday. These two do the same thing and I complain then. That’s just me.”

Definitely not Devin Booker’s proudest moment.

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