Details From Aaron Judge’s Bachelor Party Emerge

Aaron Judge’s  bachelor party went off without a  hitch.

The New York Yankees ended their season in early October after a loss to their rival Boston Red Sox in the American League Wild Card, which has given the Yankees roster plenty of time to start enjoying their offseason. For some that means planning a wedding, but first, a bachelor party.

Aaron Judge is secretly marrying his longtime girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck.

The two have been engaged for a while, but Aaron and his fiancé have been doing their best to keep things under wraps.

This week it was  Aaron Judge’s time to enjoy his pre wedding festivities.

Judge and a few teammates  attended his bachelor party:

From our exclusive source:

“That picture that Tyler Wade just posted on his story is Aaron Judge’s bachelor party. He went to Arizona on Sunday 11/21 and he was with all of those guys at a place call Riot House in Scottsdale Arizona that night and they have all been in Scottsdale the last two days. The other guys in the pic are Matt Nimer and Michael O’Neill who are his best friends from the Yankees and the guy in the pink shirt is Judge’s friend Peter Rajkovich from Linden, California where he is from. He was at his wedding a few years ago.”

See the pic from Judge’s bachelor party below:

It’s very interesting how Judge and his fiancé are trying to keep their upcoming nuptials private.

Not an easy feat when you’re the star on the most famous baseball team of all time.

Check out more  of Aaron Judge and his fiancé below:

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Comments and Reactions for Details From Aaron Judge’s Bachelor Party Emerge

Comments and Reactions for Details From Aaron Judge’s Bachelor Party Emerge