More Details Emerge From Antonio Brown’s Fallout With The Bucs

Antonio Brown finds himself in the familiar position of being on the waiver wire after a successful tenure in Tampa ended in controversy.

After chucking off his pads and heading for the locker room in the middle of the Jets game, the Buccaneers and AB have different accounts of what occurred. Brown claims he was being forced to play despite his injured ankle. And Bruce Arians says Brown just became fed up because he wasn’t receiving targets.

Now, more details from Antonio Brown’s release are coming out of the woodwork.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Brown wanted the Bucs to guarantee his incentives prior to the season ending. And when his wish was not granted, he was already frustrated with the organization heading into Sunday’s game.

“Let’s talk about Antonio Brown and when this started,” Rapoport said. “It did not start on Sunday. It started in the middle of last week when Brown and his agent went to the Buccaneers and asked them to fully guarantee his $1M in incentives. He was close to getting it, but went to them and said ‘can you guarantee this?’ That’s not really something teams do, but that’s why some of the frustrations started then.”

Antonio Brown’s camp has maintained that the troubled receiver would like to continue to play in the NFL. But after so many failed experiences throughout his career, it’s hard to imagine there are too many teams around the league willing to take on the headache.

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