Desmond Howard Rips Urban Meyer Over Chris Doyle After The Firing Was Announced Wednesday night

Desmond Howard still has no love lost for Urban Meyer.

The former Michigan football player turned ESPN analyst weighed in on the Meyer tenure on Thursday morning by pointing out that his antics were nothing new – they were just magnified because he was no longer hidden by a college program.

“When one of his first decisions was to hire Chris Doyle, I knew where this was headed,” Howard said. “There is nothing he did in Jacksonville that he wouldn’t have gotten away with in Gainesville or Columbus. It’s hard to blame Urban for being Urban.”

Urban Meyer decided to hire Chris Doyle after the strength coach was accused of a racist history during his time with the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Shortly after receiving backlash, Meyer ended up firing Doyle days after initially hiring him.

“I saw the impact of the decision and the distraction it caused,” Meyer said at that time. “The most important part of the organization is and always will be our players, and I just — we both felt, we all felt, when I say both, Trent and myself, and then Chris Doyle felt it was best, that this team didn’t need [any distractions].”

For Urban Meyer, it started bad in Jacksonville, stayed bad throughout his tenure, and ended as one of the worst tenures in the history of the NFL.

Desmond Howard knows Urban is never going to change.

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