Deshaun Watson’s Sexual Assault Accuser’s Texts Revealed

Deshaun Watson’s attorney is once again fighting back. Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin found that some of the women accusing Deshaun Watson of inappropriate behavior during massage sessions aren’t exactly being 100% honest about their encounters with Watson. Harden held a press conference this mornging and decided to expose one of Watson’s accusers her by reading text messages from her showing that she tried to schedule more appointments with Watson after she claims she was sexually assaulted. Buzbee plaintiff Shenee Lawson allegedly reached out to Watson looking to schedule more appointments.

Hardin: “I’m gonna read to you text messages that she sent Deshaun Watson the very day after the massage that she says so traumatized her.”



“Hey Deshaun. Just wanted to say thank you for trusting me with your massage today. I’ll be here till January 3rd if you’d like to get another one.”


“I hope all is well. I just want to say I apologize for my actions. That was not me and if I could take back that moment..I would. I really devalued my integrity and profession. My sessions have never went like that..I feel really horrible as a person.”

Hardin: “This is the woman who later in the lawsuit says forced her to have oral sex.”

“Only two of these 22 lawsuits alleged forced sexual activity, which Mr. Watson vehemently denies,” Hardin said. “In the case of Shenee Lawson, her business manager acknowledged to Mr. Watson’s marketing manager that the contact was consensual, but she still wanted money.

“And in the case of Marchelle Davis, witnesses state that Ms. Davis was happy and excited after she massaged Mr. Watson. … In addition, she told witnesses that if Mr. Watson had paid her off, she would have supported him instead of suing him.”


So far the NFL hasn’t said much on its current investigation into Watson’s sexual misconduct.

The he said/she said will continue as both lawyers are trying to win their battle of public perception.

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