Deshaun Watson’s Settlement Offer to Sexual Misconduct Accuser Revealed

Deshaun Watson’s settlement offer revealed.

Many NFL fans have continued to speculate where Deshaun Watson will end up.

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Potential landing spots for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is anyone’s guess, with some pointing to the Miami Dolphins as the sole team in the mix.

22 women have filed civil lawsuits against Watson claiming a range of sexual misconduct offenses.

He first needs to get these civil suits settled, which may cost him a lot of money in order to so.

So how much exactly?

According to the Daily Beast, Watson is lowballing his victims.

“In the settlement offer, Watson “denies all such claims and liability, including the facts alleged” by the accuser, and says the $100,000 payment is meant to “buy peace.””

If the accuser were to accept, they would then agree to dismiss the pending civil suit within 24 hours and adhere to strict confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses contained in the agreement, including that neither party nor their agents “will speak, write, or otherwise communicate publicly or privately, including in any interviews, social media posts, blog posts, articles or any other media or forum, on the terms of this Agreement, and the amount of the settlement”; will not disclose the “Settlement Amount”; and that any violation of the agreement’s terms “will cause irreparable harm and that money damages will be inadequate to fully compensate for such damages.”

Still to this day there have been zero criminal charges levied against Watson,  which makes all these civil suits all the more complicated.

However the FBI and Houston police continue to investigate the sexual misconduct allegations made against Watson.

Watson needs to pony up a lot more than 100grand if he wants these suits to go away.

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