Dennis Schröder Trolls Himself For Turning Down $84 Million Lakers Contract

Dennis Schroder may not have the greatest business sense, but the former Lakers guard is proving he does have some sense, a sense of humor. Schroder has been the butt of many jokes after turning down an $84 million extension on his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.U Unfortunately for him his free agent stock took a nose dive and he was forced to settle for a one year deal worth peanuts compared to the guaranteed money he would have made had he signed with the Lakers.

Schröder took to Instagram to poke fun of himself, while also flexing on the haters.

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“I’m gonna do this ONE time! Insert your best ‘fumbled the bag’ joke here,” wrote Dennis on Instagram, posting a photo of himself in front of his Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, and a bunch of designer bags. “It’s my birthday so let’s get this over with and get back to business! Like @realcoleworld said ‘Some n#%gas make millions, other n#%gas make memes.'”

See below:

Dennis Schröder’s wife commented on him turning down $84 million, saying, “I’m so proud of my husband that he made this decision to stay true to himself and to fight for his goals and his vision. I know not everyone understands this. They would choose money before anything else. But let me tell you: Show some love, be patient, and watch what will happen next.”

Smart move by Dennis, better to be in on the joke than the butt of the joke.

It’s the little things that make the haters fade away…

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