David Griffin Trolled For Playing The Piano For Zion Williamson In The NBA Bubble

New Orleans Pelicans Vice President of basketball ops David Griffin has failed to build a winner around Zion Williamson in the early going of his career.

And the executive is often scrutinized for throwing others (Alving Gentry) under the bus for his failures.

But perhaps the most bizarre story about David Griffin surfaced on Wednesday. According to a new story, Griffin invited Zion Williamson to talk when the team was competing in the NBA’s bubble playoffs in 2020.

He then proceeded to play the piano for the Pelicans star center.


Fans immediately trolled David Griffin for playing the piano for Zion Williamson.



Picturing Zion Williamson watching David Griffin playing piano in a room alone is…something. And it’s pretty easy to understand why he hasn’t built a strong rapport with the superstar.

Zion is on track for a Superman extension. But it remains to be seen if he’s willing to buy into a future with David Griffin and the Pelicans.

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