David Culley Reacts To His Surprise Firing By Texans

The NFL world was up in arms today after it was announced that the Texans were moving on from head coach David Culley after just one season on the job.

The general consensus among media members and fans was that the Texans made up their minds before they even hired Culley that he was going to be a “one and done” head coach.

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Despite the public outcry from the David Culley firing, the veteran coach took the high road when speaking on the situation.

“I’m just disappointed, but this is the business,” he told Fox reporter Mark Berman. “Hey, I’ve been in it for a while. So I understand this is part of the business.”

David Culley has been around the block long enough to know that he’s not owed anything from anyone. But even so, winning even four games given how truly awful the roster he was given was is a feat in and of itself.

One thing is for sure: potential head coach candidates will be weary of taking the Texans job given how dysfunctional their organization has operated in recent years.

And for David Culley, he’ll hope to land on his feet elsewhere…

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