Daniel Jones’ Neck Injury Rumored To Be A Career-Ender

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has been dealing with neck pain in recent weeks. But some rumors on Tuesday would indicate that the injury is so much more serious than we originally thought.

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post reports that Jones suffered โ€œstructural damageโ€ to his neck in a week 12 loss to the Eagles. And that there is concern that his season will be over.

Per the report:

“Daniel Jones again has not yet been cleared for contact, and Giants coach Joe Judge said at this point there are no indications the strained neck that has forced Jones to the sideline is season-ending.

Jones had his neck checked out in Los Angeles on Monday, traveling with Ronnie Barnes, the Giantsโ€™ senior vice president of medical services, to see neck specialist Dr. Robert Watkins. The concern is that if Jones plays, he could do further damage to the neck, which suffered some structural damage in the win over the Eagles in Week 12.”

After that report on Daniel Jones went viral, some other outlets were claiming the situation is much more serious than the Giants would let on. According to some, Jones’ neck could be a career-ender if not treated properly.

It’s still not clear if the Giants plan is to stick with Daniel Jones as their quarterback of the future. But wither way, a career-ending injury would be eye-popping for a guy we figured to be seeing a lot of in the NFL for many years to come.

For now, it looks like the most likely action is that the Giants will sit Jones for the remainder of the 2021 season โ€“ with hopes that the damage to the neck will heal up.

We’re all hoping that the rumors of Daniel Jones’ career being in jeopardy is just smoke and mirrors.

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