Dan Campbell’s Mic’d Up Sound Bites During Game Are Exactly As Nuts As You’d Expect

When the Detroit Lions hired head coach Dan Campbell over the offseason, we knew it wasn’t going to be conventional. But it’s sure as hell going to be entertaining.

Campbell, who is often referred to as a “meatball”,  began his tenure with the Lions by talking about how he wants his team to “cut out throats”. And he’s had many other hardo soundbites along the way.


So when Dan Campbell was mic’d up for the game against the 49ers on Sunday, we were sure to be getting some quality content. And he delivered.

Nothing about Dan Campbell’s aura resembles anything we’ve seen from a head coach in the NFL. But maybe it’s just crazy enough to work.

His rebuilding Lions weren’t given much of a shot on Sunday against the 49ers, but came roaring back from a large deficit, and only lost the game by a touchdown.

With the roster clearly not very strong, Dan Campbell will likely be given some time for his plan to materialize in Detroit.

Which is good for us, because that means we’ll be getting a lot more quality sound bites from the Lions coach in years to come.

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