Dak Prescott Speaks On The Media Calling His Recent Stretch Of Play A “Slump”

Is Dak Prescott in a slump?

When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked that question earlier in the week, he gave kind of a roundabout answer where he admitted that the QB wasn’t player to the standards of the organization.

“I don’t want to say that, slump, but that’s probably fair,” Jones explained, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer. “But it’s such a multi-faceted evaluation that I would say our offense is definitely away from where we were playing 5 and 6 games ago.”

When Mike McCarthy was asked the same question about the “slump” for Dak Prescott, he was more adamant in defending his quarterback.

“It’s different in football. A lot of things go into it. I don’t think Dak is in a slump,” he said. “I think everything has not gone the way we would like to go are things we can improve on. That’s the focus this week.”

Dak Prescott agreed with his coach that while his play isn’t where he wants it, he’s not willing to call it a slump.

For Dak Prescott, call it a “slump”, call it a stretch of poor play, call it whatever you want. But one thing is for sure: the Cowboys know that they’re going to need their QB playing at an elite level to compete with top teams once they get into the playoffs.

Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones are well-aware that they’ve placed all of their chips in Dak’s basket. And now, it’s time for him to earn his top-of-the-line paycheck.

Without Dak Prescott getting back to the form we saw him playing at for the first few weeks, the Cowboys will undoubtedly be bounced from the playoffs early.

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