Cowboys Safety Damontae Kazee Drops Dak, Ezekiel’s Names During DUI Stop

If Damontae Kazee thought name dropping two Cowboys stars names was going to help him, he was dead wrong.

Last month the Cowboys safety was pulled over for a traffic violation, which ended up with him arrested and charged for driving while intoxicated. TMZ obtained video of the DUI stop, and amusingly the safety name dropped Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott after he was asked where he was coming from.

Apparently he was just socializing with the two biggest stars on the team.

“I was just with Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott and we were just having fun — went out,” Kazee told the cop.

Damontae Kazee recently addressed the situation:

“I apologized to my family, my teammates, my coaches and to the owner, who gave me a job.”

“I’m happy the Lord helped me get out,” he said, adding that he’d “deal with” any punishment the NFL levied on him over it all. “I didn’t hit nobody, I didn’t hurt myself. Just thankful I’m here now.”

Dak and Ezekiel need to have a real talk with him, because their names shouldn’t come out of his mouth when talking to  a cop.

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