Conor McGregor Takes a Shot at Khabib after He Called Octagon Girls ‘Unnecessary’

Speaking at a recent press event in his homeland, retired UFC star Khabib questioned the role of UFC’s ‘ring girls’ who hold up cards bearing the number of the upcoming round during breaks in the action. “Please don’t think I have anything against women. Women are created equal with women… but for me, [ring girls] are absolutely unnecessary for MMA,” said the former lightweight champion.

Those comments have come to the attention of McGregor, who of course weighed in on Khabib’s take.

The tweet wasn’t the only one McGregor shot out at Khabib, McGregor shared a pic of his tangle with members of Khabib’s entourage.

It’s a shame we’ll never see McGregor and Khabib ever fight again. These are two guys who truly despise each other.

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