Colts GM Chris Ballard Won’t Commit To Carson Wentz As His Quarterback

It appears that Carson Wentz’s job is injeopardcy after just one season of being the quarterback of the Colts.

After the team was shocked in Week 18 by the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars, Indy was eliminated from the playoffs. And now left searching for answers all offseason.

When speaking on the quarterback situation earlier in the week, head coach Frank Reich gave a roundabout answer about Carson Wentz and his future with the team.

Now, GM Chris Ballard is opening up about Carson Wentz. And his comments were even more damning than Reich’s.

“At the time, we felt it was the right decision,” Ballard said via PFT. “I’m not going to make a comment on who is going to be here next year and who is not.”

Well, that comment sure makes it sound like Ballard didn’t get what he thought he was getting in Carson Wentz. But looking at their options for next season, it’s hard to see a clear path to getting an upgrade under center.

When Ballard made the decision to trade for Wentz, he basically handcuffed the Colts with his hefty salary for the time being. And now they likely won’t have a spot high enough in the draft to select a franchise QB.

Sure, they could trade up, enter the market for a Jimmy Garoppolo kind of guy, or try to hit a home run with Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. But at the end of the day, the Colts are in a tough situation with their quarterback. And they may be forced to hope for more out of Carson Wentz next season.

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