Colin Cowherd Vows To Never Speak Of Baker Mayfield On “The Herd” Ever Again

Colin Cowherd made a promise on Tuesday that will undoubtedly file right in under the “yeah, right” department.

Ever since Baker Mayfield was the quarterback at Oklahoma, Cowherd has had it out for him. The popular FS1 host doesn’t like his attitude, his tools, or his ability to lead a football team. And when Baker was drafted first overall in 2018, Cowherd adamantly slammed the move.

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Fast forward to now and it looks like Colin Cowherd might have actually been onto something. Even though Baker Mayfield is clearly suffering from a couple different injuries right now, he’s holding the Browns back from their playoff potential on a weekly basis.


But after harping on the Baker topic day after day, Colin claims he’s now sick of it. He says the quarterback has fallen into a category that nobody ever wants to fall into: he’s gotten boring.

“I thought, ‘Baker’s easily the second most interesting quarterback in this game,’” Cowherd said of his Mayfield’s showing in the team’s brutal loss to the Ravens on Sunday night. “I feel like, he’s 28-28, I was right about the argument. I’m no longer captivated by Baker Mayfield topics. A lot of people through the years, you’ll hear people say, ‘Colin, why do you keep talking about Baker?’ So I thought, ‘You know what? That’s a good question.’

So Colin Cowherd decided to put it to a vote – letting his fans decide if he was to ever talk about Baker Mayfield again.

Sure enough, fans let Colin Cowherd know that they were sick and tired of the daily Baker Mayfield bit.

There you have it! Colin Cowherd will now never speak of his enemy, Baker Mayfield, ever again.

You buying it? Yeah, me neither.

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