Colin Cowherd Thinks Aaron Rodgers May Have Planted The Super Bowl Boycott Story Himself

Colin Cowherd isn’t convinced Aaron Rodgers has nothing to do with some stories swirling around about him recently.

The latest headline grab surrounding the Packers QB stemmed from a report that he was planning on skipping the Super Bowl to protest the NFL’s rules against unvaccinated players around the league.

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However, Colin Cowherd has a conspiracy theory. The FS1 host thinks Aaron Rodgers might be behind the scenes creating misinformation reports in order to continue to de-legitimize the media.

“Is it possible that someone in Aaron Rodgers’ camp is trying to create, when criticism gets hot, a little misinformation campaign which he can use to validate the inaccuracy of the media,” Cowherd asked his listeners on his podcast.

Aaron Rodgers continued to slam the Super Bowl boycott report during his appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” this week.

“I’ve given a lot less f—s the last couple years but 1 thing I do give a major f—k about is ridiculous narratives about me. I’m gonna boycott the Super Bowl.. that’s the dumbest s—t I’ve heard,” he said.

Sure, I supposed Colin Cowherd’s theory could be possible. But I have a feeling Aaron Rodgers has a lot bigger things to worry about right now than his rift with mainstream media.

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