Chris Simms Has An Extremely Hot Take For Who The 49ers Will Draft At No. 3

The San Francisco 49ers shocked the NFL world today when it was announced that they were making a trade with the Dolphins in order to snag the #3 Pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. While there is little doubt that the Niners will be taking a quarterback with the pick, the question becomes…which one?


NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms has an out-of-the box take on who Kyle Shanahan has in mind with the #3 pick. He thinks they’re going to go with Alabama’s Mac Jones.

“49ers-Dolphins…Kyle Shanahan trying to control his own fate. You trade up to 3 for a QB who is NFL-ready right now, not a project. And to me that says Mac Jones,” Simms wrote on his Twitter.

Mac Jones is projected as the 4th or 5th best quarterback on most mock drafts. But that’s not stopping Simms from making this pick.

While I disagree with Chris Simms, I think his head is in the right place. If Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson are gone by the time the 49ers are on the clock (like they probably will be) I’m not sure that means Justin Fields will be the guy.

I saw nothing that leads me to believe Fields is an NFL talent, and he’ll need time to adjust even if he were to become a star in the league. I think it’s much more likely that the Niners draft Trey Lance with their #3 pick.

Who knows, maybe Mac Jones does give the Niners the best chance to win now, though. It will be a fascinating draft this year.

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