Chris Bosh Savagely Trashes Bill Russell’s Competition

Bill Russell is one of the all time greats, but with each generation comes stronger, bigger and faster humans. Chris Bosh is currently retired, and when speaking on Bill Russell’s competition, he didn’t mince words. Bosh was a guest on JJ Reddick’s podcast, and when the topic of Russell came up, Bosh didn’t hesitate to chime in when JJ took a swipe at Russell.

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“I do just want to point out that for some of those championships, there were like eight teams in the entire NBA,” Redick said. “Some of those championships he only had to win two rounds in the playoffs.”

Bosh added his two cents on Bill Russell’s competition.

“And, you know, you’re playing against firefighters,” Bosh responded. “You know, dudes had jobs in the summertime. Dude’s going to be a lifeguard, go work on construction after the NBA season. They had part-time jobs, they went [during] summertime and got a job, bro.”

Bill Russell was an 11-time NBA Champion, 12-time All-Star, 5-time MVP and an 11-time All-NBA player.

Today’s LeBron lovers believe Michael Jordan’s competition wasn’t that great either.

This is just how people look at competition from the past.  Of course it’s all relative…

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