Chad Johnson Had An Awesome Response To Joe Burrow Saying Cincinnati Is Boring

Chad Johnson has Cincinnati’s back in wake of the damning comments made by Joe Burrow yesterday.

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When speaking about how the Bengals have fended off a COVID outbreak thus far, Burrow made a joke about how it’s pretty easy when you live in a lifeless city like Cincinnati. Of course, this didn’t make the locals very happy.

When Chade Johnson heard Joe Burrow’s comments (and the heavy backlash), he had the perfect response.

“Joe Burrow said there’s not much to do in Cincinnati, i beg to differ, there’s a Starbucks downtown, a McDonald’s in Covington & a O’ Charley’s in Tri-County which in fact has the best complimentary bread known to man,” Johnson replied.

Chad Johnson’s rundown of establishments such as McDonald’s isn’t going to change Joe Burrow’s narrative that there isn’t really much of a nighttime scene in Cincy. But they’re just messing around.

After all, Johnson probably benefitted from playing in a city that didn’t have a rampant night club scene during his career.

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