Cam Newton Says he Spent Millions of Dollars on Clothes He Only Wore Once

When you’re as rich as Cam Newton, you apparently never need to wear clothes more than once. The New England Patriots quarterback is one of the most controversial fashion icons in all of sports.  But trying to be on the cutting edge of style has a price, and his goal to always be trying new styles have come at a tremendous financial cost.

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During one of Newton’s most recent Youtube videos, the former MVP reflected on how he needs to adjust his mindset about buying clothes

“One of my New Years resolutions is to not buy high fashion. I want to be more of a thrift-store shopper,” Newton said. “I want to be more of a vintage shopper. I want to be more of a person that finds gems in stores that are less expensive, and to still be able to give it its fine look, but I’m still myself.”

“I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars, maybe even millions of dollars on clothes that I only wore once, so to be able to recycle the closest, so to speak, is something that’s challenging. But at the same time, it’s going to be fun to do so throughout this whole year.”

Watch below:

All that money to dress like someone’s eccentric auntie.

To each his own.

Check out more of Cam’s unique style below:

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