Bucs Release Statement On Antonio Brown Claiming They Covered Up Ankle Injury

While Antonio brown in “no longer a Buc”, as Bruce Arians put it, the saga has just begun.

After he chucked off all of his pads and headed for the locker room in the middle of the game against the Jets, many pointed to the situation as another mental health episode. But the star receiver is now trying to paint a different picture completely.

According to AB and his camp, the receiver told coach Bruce Arians that he could not play on his injured ankle. And when he refused to go back into the game, Arians told him he was done.

On Thursday morning, Antonio brown took to Twitter to share some text messages to try to help prove his case that Arians and the Bucs downplayed his injury and forced him to play against his best interest.

Shortly after Antonio Browns Twitter reveal, the Bucs officially released the troubled receiver. And they also claimed that the ankle injury was not a part of the conversation before the outburst during last Sunday’s game.

To add to the story, it’s also being reported that Antonio Brown wasn’t satisfied with the amount of targets he was receiving during the Jets game, and had to be calmed down during halftime.

It’s really hard to give Antonio Brown any sort of benefit of the doubt after everything that he’s been through in the NFL. But if more evidence shows that Bruce Arians made him play despite an injured ankle, that would obviously be a bad look for the entire organization.

I expect this story to drag on for quite a bit.

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