Buccaneers Place Staff Member Near Endzone So That They Don’t Make Same Mistake As Last Time Giving The Ball Away

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers played it smart this time as the team clearly instructed a staff member to chase down the ball once Tom Brady passed for his 700th career passing touchdown Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.


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Tom Brady needed just two touchdown passes to reach the 700 mark for his NFL career and you better believe the Bucs knew all about it and did not want that ball given away to a “lucky” fan this time.

Brady didn’t look like he would be hitting the incredible milestone at home in week 14, but over time proved to be the extra time needed for Brady and the Bucs.

Tom Brady threw for his 700th career passing touchdown halfway through the over time session. It was a dramatic 58 yard touchdown catch and run from Breshad Perriman which served as a walk-off touchdown to give the Bucs their 10th win of the season.

While the play was quite impressive, the job the Bucs staff member did to make sure Perriman didn’t just give the ball away was another spectacle to see.

The wheels on that guy!

You can instantly see the man wearing the red shirt enter the frame and almost look to try and cut down the angle to make sure he got to the ball as quickly as possible, well played young man.

Brady threw for 363 yards and two touchdowns Sunday as the Bucs took down the Bills 33-27 in over time.

The Bucs host the New Orleans Saints next Sunday in prime time.

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