Hall Of Famer Bruce Smith Perfectly Copies Myles Garrett’s Quarterback Graveyard Decoration

If everything goes right for pass rusher Myles Garrett, he’ll join Bruce Smith in Canton one day as two of the very best to ever do it.

But Garrett has a long way to go before he gets there, and Smith sent him a not-so-subtle reminder of that fact this week.

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Myles Garrett recently revealed an all-time Halloween decoration where he set up tombstones of a bunch of quarterbacks he’s sacked around the league. To one-up Garrett, Bruce Smith put together his very own graveyard. But he had many more QBs to add to his decoration.

In Bruce Smith’s decoration, he included over 70 QBs that he had the pleasure of tormenting over his storied career. Whereas Myles Garrett only included a handful of active signal-callers.

“Getting to the quarterback was my specialty,” the defensive end told WAVY-TV.

Myles Garrett is arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL today. But he’s going to have to rack up a lot more tombstones to put himself in the same conversation as Bruce Smith.

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