Brittany Matthews Slams Broncos Fans For Calling Jackson Mahomes Homophobic Slur

Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson Mahomes, has taken heavy criticism for his TikTok antics since the QB rose to stardom. And now, Patrick’s Fiancee has had enough.

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Brittany Matthews was standing with Jackson on the sidelines during last weekend’s Broncos game when a fans yells out at the younger brother, calling him a homophobic slur.

While Jackson Mahomes doesn’t react, Matthews appears to clap back at the obnoxious fan.

Unfortunately, this is probably nothing new for Jackson Mahomes. And he appeared to shake it off. He took some more flak on social media later in the game after revealing a jacket that read “Mahoms” while engaging in his usual TikTok routine on the sidelines.

Jackson Mahomes would get the last laugh, as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs would go on to beat the Broncos thanks to a late scoop and score.

This weekend, the Mahomes clan will be in a more friendly environment – as the Chiefs are set to take on the Steelers in the Wild Card Round of the postseason.

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