Brian Kelly Hilariously Trolled For Faking A Southern Accent When Making Speech During LSU Basketball Game

Brian Kelly is officially an LSU Tiger. And apparently he has a nice new accent to boot, too.

Kelly was attending the LSU basketball game on Thursday night. And when speaking to the fans in the stands, he was was very clearly forcing a newfound southern twang in his voice.

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After the speech, Brian Kelly was trolled all over social media for developing a southern accent after moving from Notre Dame to LSU.

Brian Kelly has spent so many years in the midwest that it feels like a strange fit for him to move down to The Bayou at 60-years-old. And he’s not making the transition feel any easier with this charade at the basketball game tonight.

But when push comes to shove, nobody really cares what you do or how you sound. Kelly’s tenure with the Tigers will be graded solely on winning. And he’s done a lot of that during his time in college football.

The move to LSU was about securing the elusive National Championship Trophy for Brian Kelly. And anything else would be a disappointment.

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