Brandon Marshall Shares Hilarious Story Of Jay Cutler Bailing Him Out On Gambling Debt After Failed Vegas Weekend

The dynamic between former teammates Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall is a tricky one.

After being drafted together by the Denver Broncos in 2006, Cutler and Marshall spent plenty of time together. And Marshall even joined Jay when the quarterback was traded to the Chicago Bears.


In the past, Brandon Marshall has defended Jay Cutler from criticism. But he has since admitted that Cutty was a poor leader, which affected his play on the field.

During an episode of his “I am Athlete” podcast, Marshall shared a story about calling Cutler when he was down bad during a Vegas trip.

Brandon Marshall found himself on the hook for $70,000 after the weekend, and called Jay Cutler to come bail him out.

“My third year in the league I had to call Jay Cutler and ask for $60,000. I was out in Vegas and I lost all my money,” Marshal admitted.

Jay Cutler’s reaction to Brandon Marshall was perfectly on-brand.

“I call Jay, I’m like, ‘Jay, I’m in some trouble. I need $60,000.’

He was like [big sigh], ‘Ah, B-Marsh.’ You know his body language and all, you could see it through the phone.

He’s like, ‘Alright, this is what we’re going to do though. You’re going to sign a paper or some type of document. You owe me.

As soon as I landed, he had that $60,000 check. I paid the marker off, went back into the season, made my couple hundred thousand and went on from there.”

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall appear to have cut ties since their respective retirements. But we’d all love to see them patch it up in the future.

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