Brandon Ingram’s Ex Amber Washington Has a Message

Brandon’s Ingram’s ex Amber is speaking out.  New Orleans Pelicans star Brandon Ingram is balling out this season, he’s putting up big numbers. Away from the court, he’s also putting up big numbers. We recently spotted Ingram having a good time with a new lady during the All-Star Break. That prompted his ex to drop a cryptic message.

Now his ex is back, but this time, she’s addressing the elephant in the room.

See her message below:

“I have been quiet long enough and been trying to stay in my own lane but stop attaching me to this dude”

I’m guessing one of the lies she’s talking about is his son.  It was recently revealed Ingram is the father to a baby boy:


So she’s spilling tea, just to not spill tea?

One thing’s for sure, she’s over all the Ingram drama. This guy must have done a serious number on her.

Check out more of Ingram’s ex below:

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