Brady Quinn Questions Brian Kelly’s Motives For Leaving Notre Dame For LSU

Perhaps no Notre Dame player was more widely beloved during the Brian Kelly era than Brady Quinn.

Following his successful stint under center in South Bend, Quinn spent a short amount of time in the NFL before taking his current job as an analyst for Fox Sports.

So when it was announced that Brian Kelly was leaving Notre Dame high and dry just ahead of a potential College Football bid to take the LSU job, Brady Quinn had a lot of questions.

First was the obvious: why? Why leave one prominent program for another – who happens to be in much worst shape at the present moment.

“I think the first thing that comes to mind is why. What would entice you to go to LSU considering [Notre Dame] very well could find themselves, depending on how things play out this Saturday, in the College Football Playoff playing for a national championship. That’s the awkwardness of the current situation,” Quinn said.

Brady Quinn would go on to openly hypothesize that Brian Kelly’s decision to leave Notre Dam right now might have something to do with the university’s refusal to build a better football facility.

“When you dig a little deeper and you look at it and go, ‘OK, what wasn’t done at Notre Dame that maybe Brian Kelly had asked for?’ They wanted a new football facility. That hasn’t been done yet. I heard that was a frustrating part in this breakup.”

Quinn also thinks LSU’s contract for Kelly proves how desperate they were after finishing second fiddle to USC in their pursuit of Lincoln Riley.


“Let’s not get this twisted: LSU is desperate. They already made it very well aware they wanted Lincoln Riley. They tried to swing for the fences with some names, nothing really came through. And so, they did their best to pay Brian Kelly … I heard seven years, $100 million.”

Brady Quinn might feel a little shellshocked by the Brian Kelly decision. But when push comes to shove, LSU has a history of winning championships in recent years. And while Notre Dame has made the CFB Playoff a couple of times, they very rarely put up a fight when facing the top SEC teams.

For Kelly, this is probably just about giving himself a better chance to win the elusive National Championship. And if he does, he knows he’ll go down as one of the best college football coaches in the history of the sport.

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