Bobby Valentine Blames Media After Losing Election

Bobby Valentine has recorded another L.

The former MLB manager conceded defeat in the Stamford, Connecticut mayoral election this week, congratulating his opponent Caroline Simmons on her victory:

In his concession speech, Valentine congratulated Simmons while also complaining about some factors in the race.

According to the New York Daily News, Valentine criticized media coverage of his campaign, which received national attention when it was announced:

“Someone says maybe I’m supposed to thank the media for all the lousy coverage that they gave us or maybe even compliment (Simmons’ team) for the campaign they ran but I can’t do that with an open heart and a clear mind, so I’m just going to say the campaign is over,” he said.

Valentine also implied that some voters may have cast multiple ballots:

“It makes my stomach turn to think that in our city, that they’re actually telling me now, ‘Oh, someone voted in person and they forgot they voted absentee,’” Valentine said.

The former Mets manager didn’t say who the “they” were telling him about people voting more than once.

Valentine isn’t exactly known for taking rejection well, remember the time he got kicked out of a game then snuck back in the dugout wearing a fake mustache.

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Comments and Reactions for Bobby Valentine Blames Media After Losing Election