Devoted Member Of Bills Mafia Kills Gender Reveal With Table Jump

Bill Mafia stand up!

With the NFL season in full swing, the wild Bills fans have a lot to be excited about. After years and years of watching awful football, they finally have a real good team, perhaps even a great team.

And with all the buzz with Bills Mafia centered around Josh Allen and the guys, families are starting to incorporate some team traditions into their lives.

For instance, we’ve already seen some great table jumping gender reveals. But the one surfacing the web on Wednesday might just take the cake.


Check it out:

There are so many things in this video that are so incredibly Bills…it’s awesome.

First of all, how did a bus get to this guys’ lawn? Also, the amount of people who are drinking and in attendance for this adds to the hype surrounding the video. It seems like this dude’s whole block showed out for him.

Anyways, the guy nailed the jump, and I’m sure he’ll be happy with the blue coloring that came out to indicate that he’ll be having a boy.

Soon enough, Bills Mafia will be adding one more member.

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