Bill Belichick’s ‘Danger Zone’ Hoodie Brought Out All the Jokes

No one wears a hoodie quite like New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick.

The Legendary NFL Head Coach showed up to his Wednesday media session wearing a hoodie with the words “Danger Zone” on it.

This “interesting” fashion choice led to a ton of jokes on the internet, including one from his former player Julian Edelman.

See Belichick’s Danger Zone hoodie below:

Belichick was asked about his “Danger Zone” hoodie during the press conference.

“Hey, Bill, real quick, I want to ask where’d you get that sweatshirt? What’s the origin of it?” a reporter asked The Hoodie.

“The player says… something that the players did… for a couple years ago,” he replied.

Twitter did what it always does, and went in on the Evil Genius.

Belichick’s fashion choices are as legendary as he is.

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