Bill Belichick Trending Over Hilarious Reaction (Or Lack Thereof) Of Patriots Putting Up 50 Points

Bill Belichick isn’t satisfied with his team’s dominant offensive performance last week.

The veteran head coach was mic’d up during the Patriots’ 54-13 rout of the lowly New York Jets last week. And as the Pats were piling up the touchdowns, Belichick barely flinched on the sidelines.

Easily the best. part of the video is the classic Bill Belichick shrug he gives when he’s given confirmation that the team was only forced to punt the ball away one time.

After the game, Belichick spoke on how his team now has to build on the effort from the Jets trampling.

Well, every day is its own day, so whatever we do today will be based on what we do today. It won’t carry over from yesterday, or last week, or last month. It’s a challenge for us every day, and we’re all going to try and meet it,” he said via the Patriots website.

Bill Belichick’s Patriots will face a much tougher opponent when they take on the Chargers next Sunday.

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