Bill Belichick Makes Subtle Joke About Tom Brady Returning To Foxboro

It’s the moment that every NFL fan has been waiting a long time for: this Sunday Tom Brady will be returning to New England to take on Bill Belichick and the Patriots for the first time since the split.

All week long we’ve heard stories about the fractured relationship between Belichick and Brady.


Bill Belichick is obviously well aware about all the media attention that will be in Foxboro this weekend with Tom Brady’s return.

So when he showed up to his weekly presser on Wednesday, Belichick made a lil joke about any storylines that could possibly be looming this week.

“Good morning. What’s going on? Any stories this week?” Belichick asked.

Fans reacted to the tongue-in-cheek joke Bill Belichick made in referencing Tom Brady’s return.

Tom Brady recently condemned his father, Tom Brady Sr, for speaking ill-willed about Bill Belichick.

And I’d expect things to go pretty smoothly for Brady’s return to Foxboro. But once the ball gets kicked, it’ll be game on for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

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